Trees down in Caz

Trees down

Some trees were older than 100 years, but were rotted

By Willie Kiernan


Some say it was sad to see them go.

"Many people didn't want to see them taken down," said Caz resident, Jason Dyer. "It's a shame, but obviously they needed to be."

The combined efforts of Bartlett Tree Experts and the village of Cazenovia Department of Public Works team resulted in the safe and efficient completion of the village tree pruning and removal project. The work was completed without incident July 31.

"I was taking photos at a home next to Memorial Park while the village was removing a couple of the 100-plus-year-old sugar maples," Dyer said. "When they finally got this beast down, we were able to see the extent of the rot inside each of the limbs."

Cazenovia Village Trustee Tom Tait formed the Cazenovia Tree Commission to address aging and ailing trees in Cazenovia.

"The reason the selected trees were removed can be attributed to either a decline in health, structural concerns or both," Tait said. "Using the large sugar maple adjacent to the cannon in Memorial Park as an example, the extensive decay at the point where the two main leaders united can be attributed to a poor branch attachment dating back to when the tree was very young."

Poor branch attachments in younger trees are the frequent cause for tree failure.

"It is my intent to initiate corrective pruning projects on young and middle aged trees where we can have a positive, long term impact rather than let the problem go unaddressed and face an outcome similar to that on the prominent sugar maple in Memorial Park," Tait said.

It is expected that there will be another tree pruning and removal project within the next six months. A list will be compiled and let out to bid.

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