Statue raffle to benefit Duk Lost Boys Clinic

http://lostboysclinic.blogspot.com or http://www.churchworldservice.org/Immigration/archives/2007/02/149.html

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the statue:

This sculpture, titled "The Faceless of Darfur," was created by Slowik to increase public awareness of the plight of the Sudanese people in the Darfur area. He wanted to include a family in his piece, and to make "a bold statement." He gives the following account of his intentions in this sculpture:

The male figure is facing the impending doom; while the mother carries the infant away;

The base (feet of the adults) forms a triangle representing strength, but also a very strong connection to the earth beneath them (these [are] a native living people;

The coverings are consistent with Darfur Tribe people clothing-however, the bright colors they usually choose are darkened to accent the darkness of their plight;

The family's flight is symbolic [of] the Holy Family's flight to Egypt to escape Herod' s killing of the Innocents [in the Bible];

The male figure's shawl flowing in the wind resembles the wing of an angel-the male figure also represents us! As well as Godly intervention.

The sculpture is made of earthenware bisque, painted and fired twice

While John Dau is from a village in the southeastern part of the Sudan, and Darfur, where much struggle is taking place today, is in the northwestern part of the country, both have been subjected to the ravages of the civil war and genocidal conflict. The plight of John Dau and the other "Lost Boys," homeless for years, not knowing whether any of their families had survived is still occurring in Darfur. So it is appropriate to call attention to this ongoing conflict-and at the same time offer the hope of a better future through the Duk Lost Boys Clinic.

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