Caz terror suspect suspended

Cazenovia Superintendent of Schools, Bob Dubik has reported that a suspect has been found and suspended for leaving a note in the boys bathroom at the Cazenovia High school on March 19 that said "bomb tomorrow." The suspect is a student at Caz High School, and due to his age, his name is not being released. The threat caused the closing of the school a day early for Easter vacation.

"The student has been suspended pending a superintendent's hearing," Dubik said.

The student was charged with leaving a bomb threat and was to have his hearing within five days.

A second threat was found the following week on the day returning from the vacation. The school immediately went into a lock-down procedure. As with the first threat, the school was thoroughly searched and nothing suspicious was found.

"The second investigation is still pending," Dubik said.

Dubik said the handwriting was different and the note was found in a girl's bathroom.

"I have a feeling they're not the same person," Dubik said. "Was it a copy cat or did they know each other? I don't know."

The Sheriff's Department helped gather evidence by taking fingerprints and photographs at the scene, but the investigation has been run by Chief Dave Amico of the Cazenovia Village Police.

"It's an ongoing investigation and at this time I won't release any information," Amico said.

A sample of the writing was sent to all teachers to search for matches in their files.

"The second one, I don't know if they were related or not," Amico said.

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