Caz: Rooting for America

Rooting for America

Congressman hopeful, Mike Oot visits Caz pledging honor and decency

By Willie Kiernan


Mike Oot doesn't like what he sees and wants to do something about it.

"This is not the America I was brought up in," he said. "We need to return to honor and decency."

Running against incumbent John McHugh for the 23rd District, Oot has campaigned in all 11 counties and has been officially endorsed by Madison County. He has five children and lives in the Madison County town of Stockbridge, with his wife Ann.

"John McHugh is not why I got into the race," Oot said. "I got in because I was absolutely fed up."

Democratic candidate for Congress, Oot will be visiting with Harris Lindenfeld from 2 to 5 p.m. Sunday April 6 at 30 Albany Street in Cazenovia. Everyone is invited for dessert and wine with the candidate. Campaign contributions accepted. Call 420-6776 or 655-8250 for more information.

"The idealistic America that I grew up in, or that I learned about from my parents and teachers has disappeared," Oot said. "In fact, the idealistic America that we teach our kids about today has been terribly eroded."

Oot, like so many, regardless of party affiliation, is unhappy with the direction the country has taken over the past eight years. America has lost its way from the land he remembers as a boy. Healthcare is in crisis, the economy in shambles; soldiers sent to fight a war without the proper equipment and armor. The cost of college is rapidly becoming too expensive to afford, education is inadequate and the protections afforded by The Bill of Rights have become dangerously eroded; our government has begun wiretapping its citizens without warrants.

After thinking about the possible causes for all of these problems, Oot could come to only one answer: "Our politicians no longer represent us."

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