B'ville: Fighting back . . . why I relay

Her passing came as no surprise to any of us. On one hand I finally felt that she was in a better place, but on the other hand I had an unimaginable fury for how unfair life was. This fury turned into motivation, which led me to the American Cancer Society's Relay for Life. I truly believe that because of my experience, I share a deeper connection with Relay.

Over the past three years, Relay has become a part of who I am. This event has definitely brought stress and frustration into my life, but I have learned to conquer it by imagining the eventual result of our efforts. I often think about how five minutes of our time could potentially save five years of someone else's.

In today's society we are often obligated to believe one thing or another whether it is politics, religion, or ethics. As a student who has been exposed to many of these things, I find myself unsure about so much. I am, however, sure about one thing: I believe in a cure. Since my experience, I have pledged that no matter where I am in life, I will take part in this fight. My work ends when cancer ceases to be an issue. One of my strongest beliefs is that this disease can be conquered as a whole; together, and only together, will we find a cure.

So by writing this, I ask that you join me in the fight against cancer. Your efforts could help save someone's friend, relative, co-worker or grandmother.

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