J-E girls' soccer star benched

Even though her attention was focused on training, Kristen still had the desire to play the sport she loved, and for the school where she has had so much success.

While she was in training, Kristen's father Randy kept trying to get his daughter a spot on the team, and kept in contact with Coach Maxian. On July 10, Randy sent an e-mail to Maxian inquiring about Kristen's eligibility on the team.

Raeon provided Eagle Newspapers with Maxian's response.

"I am sorry that there really is nothing to discuss," Maxian wrote. "Kris has made her decision, the consequence of which is she won't be on the team this year. As she and I acknowledged when I last saw her over the winter, we need to plan on her not playing and the team is responding accordingly."

Maxian referred all questions regarding this story to J-E Athletic Director Bradford Hamer.

After Kristen returned home on Sept. 5, she went to see Coach Maxian, who was coaching a varsity practice session. Kristen said she was dressed in her Army uniform when she approached Maxian. She said he sent the entire team to the other side of the field. Kristen told him she wanted to play.

"Coach [Maxian] told me that by the time I had made up all of the practices that I had missed, the year would be three-quarters over," Kristen said. "And after all of my practices were made up, I still wouldn't be able to start."

Kristen's father Randy disagrees with the coach's decision, so much that he picketed J-E's match against Central Square on Sept 7.

"This was a complete 180 on what we thought would happen," Randy said. "She's been their offense for four years. They're treating her badly. I don't know what's in their head."

J-E Superintendent Marilyn Dominick feels the problem lies with the state.

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