B'ville: Residents want water

Numerous residents of Lamson Road and Route 48 attended last week's board meeting to address the issue of public water in their area.

As spokesman for the group, Marty Ochsner of Lamson Road asked the board for help in organizing an effort to create a water district and obtain grants to pay for the infrastructure needed to provide the area with water. Ochsner said he spoke with Granby officials who had received $1.8 million in grants for a similar project.

Supervisor Barry Bullis said the reason Granby received grants was because the specified area had contaminated ground water and needed to build the infrastructure to provide clean water to residents. In order to increase eligibility for grant money, the residents of Lamson Road and Route 48 need to have their ground water tested for contamination.

"We need residents to coordinate this," Bullis said.

Without the grant money, residents could face high annual costs to pay for the initial construction of the infrastructure.

"The problem in your area is density," Bullis said, adding that the homes are too far apart for the water district to be cost effective.

Bullis added that a similar effort of Lamson Road, Church Road and Route 48 was initiated without grant money about five years ago, but residents voted down the proposal due to high costs. The estimated cost per unit for the principal interest, debt service and construction costs then was $740 per year spread over a 25 year period, on top of a quarterly water bill. Bullis added that costs have increased since then.

Ochsner collected the names of interested residents and encouraged others to contact him if they were interested.

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