B'ville: Think globally, act locally

"The site is traditionally a site of peace," Coff said.

Peace begins locally and spreads

Sunday's festival will consist of a variety of events, entertainment and blessings of many cultures and religions.

"We made this year's festival multicultural and multi-religious so more people would come out," Coff said.

All participants are invited to put their intentions and blessings into a vessel of water throughout the day. The pinnacle of the event will be when the vessel containing the blessings is poured into Onondaga Lake in an effort to send all the prayers and positive energy into the surrounding community and beyond.

"We pray for peace by holding water in our hands. We focus into the water our energy, intention and intelligence for peace. We will then collect all of our prayer-energized water to pour into Onondaga Lake," Coff said.

Peace United Pilgrims will also canoe a portion of the blessed water from Sunday's festival east down the Mohawk and Hudson rivers to the 26th annual International Day of Peace in New York City. The Peace Pilgrims will deliver the festival's prayer water to the Atlantic Ocean.

The Peace Festival

From drum circles, organic gardens and spirit art to dances (like the paneurhythmy and Dances of Universal Peace) and the efforts of the Raging Grannies, participants will be able to experience numerous activities that both educate and entertain. There will be information on the Peace Alliance, which is a historic citizen lobbying effort to create a U.S. Department of Peace and the main stage will host hourly prayers for world peace from area religious leaders including Roko Sherry Chayat, Abbot of The Zen Center of Syracuse.

"Our Multi-Religious gazebo will hold artifacts from many of the world's religions and is a quiet retreat area for those who want to leave the festivities for a few moments of prayer, meditation or reflection," Coff said.

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