Eastern Suburbs: Candidate profiles for County Legislator

District 5 (Part of town of Salina, including Mattydale, northern DeWitt and southwestern Cicero)

Kathy Rapp (incumbent)

Party: Republican

Lines on ballot:

Republican, Independent


Human Resource trainer and consultant with Messenger and Associates

Political background:

Seven years on the Salina Town Board, two years as deputy supervisor, county legislator since 1998

Why are you running and how do you plan to represent your constituents?

"I am running again because I feel proud of my record in the legislature. Tax rates are down, our credit rating is up and we are beginning to see the fruits of many of the projects of which I have been a part. Some I feel particularly good about include the development of Hancock Field and the birth of the Technology Garden -- both of which are now 90 percent full with new, high tech companies.

"Overall, I am running because I see how very much this community has to offer. In the last eight years, I have seen us break away from the old line manufacturing town we used to be. I have seen us start to transform ourselves into a high tech, educated, green community that offers the kind of opportunity and stimulation that are essential if young people are to be drawn here. So much is moving us in this direction. From the clean up of the lake to the redevelopment of downtown, we are becoming a place people will be drawn to. Obviously, we are not all the way there yet. I would like to be there to make sure my constituents are represented and this cycle is complete."

Phil Drury

Party: Democrat

Lines on ballot:

Democratic, Working Families


Code enforcement officer, village of North Syracuse

Political background:


Why are you running and how do you plan to represent your constituents?

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