DeWitt candidates speak at forum

Why Vote for Ed Michalenko? "I understand where we have to go as a society to bring environmental progress to the local level," he said.

Bob Faulkner (R-Incumbent)

Running For: Councilor

Experience: Eight Years on Board

The Issues: "The issues in the town have been the same for 50 years and will be the same for the next 50 years," Faulkner said. He points out the biggest issue of taxes and adds services and accessibility to the list. Coming from a background in computer science, Faulkner says he was integral in the change over of computer systems at the beginning of his time on board. Faulkner has seen the Board successfully improve in these three areas since he was elected.

Why Vote for Bob Faulkner? "This is one of the most accessible town boards in the country," he said. "Residents get to stand up and speak at the beginning of the meeting, middle of the meeting or the end of the meeting."

Vicki Baker (D)

Running For: Councilor

Experience: 12 years in County Legislature, president of the Jamesville Positive Action Committee (JAM-PAC)

The Issues: Baker is concerned about the health, safety and economic well being of the Town of DeWitt and its residents. Having made strides to stop the coal plant in Jamesville, Baker calls the current Town Board unreceptive to the community members. She also adds that economic development cannot happen if the town is sick from living next to pollution, something the she feels the Town Board hasn't properly accounted for. "A four-mile evacuation plan is not safety," Baker said.

Why Vote for Vicki Baker? "People need to be involved in their community and not just sit back and rely on the government to do it," she said.

Joan Schroder (R-Incumbent)

Running For: Councilor

Experience: 16 years on board

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