Camillus: Board boots stop signs

The Camillus Town Board passed legislation last Tuesday night following a public hearing that will remove two stop signs located on Mansfield Drive at the intersection of Welsh Drive.

Town councilor Bill Davern contacted neighbors in the area before bringing his decision to the town board, which passed the legislation unanimously.

"There were a few people in the 100 and 200 blocks of Mansfield that requested we turn Welch and Mansfield into a three-way stop," Davern said. "At that point we said we'd try it and see what happens. Over a period of a year, I had numerous people call me and say 'I'm sliding through the stop sign. I can't stop.'"

Following the complaints from Mansfield residents, the stop signs were removed during the winter. According to Davern the removals confused motorists, and soon after the stop signs were returned.

Davern then took a survey from residents on Welsh Drive and residents on the 100 through 300 blocks of Mansfield Drive. He also took input from neighbors on Dickerson Drive. Of the 21 people surveyed that live on Mansfield Drive, 18 of the neighbors told Davern to take the signs down. Two neighbors told him to take the signs down for the winter. Only one resident was in favor of keeping the signs.

"As a result of the neighbors request, I'm requesting we take down the stop signs," Davern said.

Results of the survey were passed out to neighbors of both roads along with an invitation to the public hearing.

Trustee Diane Dwyer agreed with the proposal.

"I'm glad to see this on the agenda for a variety of reasons," Dwyer said. "We always talk about putting up stop signs, but many people don't realize that you can also request to have them taken down. This is good publicity that we can take them down instead of having a proliferation of stop signs."

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