Hollywood comes to Solvay

Emmemax has had offers to sell or move the film. One proposal had the movie being shot in Louisiana, which was denied because the duo didn't want to lose the "CNY flavor." Another possibility had the film being sold to another group and filmed near Chicago, with Lee Davis - one of Spike Lee's understudies - directing the film.

"It came to a point where I asked Mike: 'Are you looking to sell your script, or do you want to turn this into your vision?'"

Pucello had a bigger vision for the project. His goal is to turn the Syracuse area into a film-hub.

"We want to bring the film industry to Syracuse," Pucello said. "Students from the colleges around here after they graduate, they leave town. We want to give the area something to keep these students here."

The local economy is receiving a boost from the film as well. Emmemax has purchased an old patrol vehicle from the Solvay Police Department that will be used in the film. Replica Solvay police uniforms were purchased from the Syracuse uniform shop in Solvay. Pucello said that local hotels, resturaunts and catering services will benefit from the filming. Emmemax is also paying a small stipend fee to the village and town for using the town hall and the police department for a scene.

"We've got a lot of support from the town of Geddes and the Police chief. They've been with us throughout the entire two-and-a-half year process."

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