Hollywood comes to Solvay

Shooting is scheduled to get under way Oct. 10 for Lonely Joe, an independent film being produced by Emmemax Films of Solvay.

The film is being dubbed as a "supernatural-suspense thriller" based on true events that took place in South Texas 20-years ago. Not only is Emmemax based in Solvay, but also several scenes of the film will be shot in Solvay and it's surrounding areas. Some of the shooting locations in Solvay include Pooch's, Solvay Police Station, Perry's Automotive, The Book Cellar, and the home of the Denti family (Denti Insurance).

"This may end up being a four or five part movie," said life-long Solvay resident and village business owner Jody Pucello. "It could be something like the Nightmare on Elm St. series."

Pucello's journey into the film industry began a few years ago, when a couple of film producers walked into Pucello's bar, Pooch's, and asked if they could shoot a scene for their movie Northern Lights (Now called Rounding Home). Four scenes total were shot in the bar, and Pucello was given two speaking parts in the film.

"Everyone always used to say I should be in Hollywood," said Pucello. "I never used to believe them. Now I've got my chance."

It was during Pucello's acting debut that he met writer and Texas-native Mike Coonce, who was in the military and stationed at Fort Drum. Coonce had been writing while he was at Fort Drum, and the two of them hooked up and formed Emmemax Films, and started to work on Lonely Joe.

"[Coonce] has a great mind," Pucello said. "This isn't going to be a slasher movie, it's going to be a psychological thriller."

Instead of just sending the script out to film producers, Coonce, who will be directing Lonely Joe had the idea of shooting a 5-minute synopsis and posting it on classified web sites and sending interested parties links to the synopsis, which they created a web site for.

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