L.A., comes to Roxie in Fayetteville

You don't have to travel far to get a feel for Los Angeles. Roxie in Fayetteville brings it right here to you. Michael Saccone, a Syracuse native who began his career in fashion design and lived in L.A. for many years, opened the eclectic clothing store in 2005. He buys his inventories from the chic West Coast City, giving us on the East Coast a jump in fashion and trends.

"All my clothes come from L.A.," he said, where he travels regularly every three months to shop. "I try to bring the styles here a little bit faster, a little sooner than they usually get here."

Saccone said the designs he sells appeal to the younger and older fashion-conscious generations. He encourages both moms and daughters to shop together. The clothing he provides is funky and edgy for people who want to dress in a fashion forward style -- both professionally and casually.

No more than six of each piece he sells hangs on the racks at Roxie.

"It helps to keep my prices a little bit lower," he said, explaining the quantity restrictions he applies to the store.

The rule of thumb has other benefits, too.

"Not everyone's wearing the same thing [and] this way I can keep the merchandise changing so quickly, all the time."

The exclusive store is no match for most chain stores, where help is limited and quick. Saccone takes time with each customer without smothering their opportunity to browse and take in all the unique, eclectic alternatives one might not find elsewhere. His approach resembles that of a personal shopper, where help is one-on-one and sensitive to his customer's taste and style.

"I'd rather have one customer the whole day than to have a swarm of customers like in the mall," he said. "You don't get to know your customer enough [in the mall], where I feel I know a lot of my customers when they come in. I remember their face. I start showing them one-on-one things" which Saccone said, reflect their manner of dress.

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