B'ville: Skip Collins - A writer at heart

When did you become interested in poetry/writing?

Poetry writing is in my blood. Poetry is in the heart. And, for me, it is a God given talent. I was very good in English classes back in high school, and the poetry from years back as well as poetry writing from poet Georgia Popoff from Syracuse. Writing is a must for me. I pursue it because I enjoy it and, again, it's in my blood to do so. I thank God for granting me the ability to write poems, as well as songs and a novel.

You recently started a book - what motivated you to take on this challenge?

It was in a dream one night to write a novel mostly about me. However, my name doesn't appear in the novel but in a character that goes by the name of Karl Wyatt. He suffers from anxiety and has his ups and downs. It gets out of control, but gets back in total control later on in the book. That's why the title of this is 'An Emotional Roller Coaster Ride.'

Who are your favorite authors?

Stephen King and J. K. Rowling. My favorite poet is Georgia Popoff.

You often submit letters to the editor to the Messenger Opinion Page - How do you keep informed about issues?

I keep informed about issues from others that have been in Baldwinsville much longer than I.

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