Memphis: Speeding gives residents the Memphis Blues

"I've made it clear to the board that I'm not going to stop going to the meeting until the speeding stops," Argese said. "Someone's going to get hurt."

Several houses line Bennett's Corners Road in Memphis, and Argese is concerned that several of the houses on the road have children who play outside, near the 35 mph zone that leads to the thruway from the hamlet. He says that several dump trucks speed through the area, and even his 24 year-old daughter who is a college student in Plattsburgh has noticed the potential for an accident when she's home on break.

"She told me that she closes her eyes and holds her breath when driving through there," Argese said. "The Hamlet of Memphis is caught in a catch-22 as far as police protection. Several people have told me that there is a deputy on duty, but we've never seen him. The only cops I've seen drive through town have been speeding themselves."

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