Memphis: Speeding gives residents the Memphis Blues

Tony Argese of Memphis has had enough of speeders. So much in fact that he's taken his frustration to the Elbridge town board.

Argese brought a petition signed by 40 of his neighbors to the Nov. 7 meeting, urging the board to do something about driver's speeding through the Van Buren hamlet. He says it's the latest in his attempts do something to curb the speeds.

"What we want is enforcement of the speed limit," Argese said. "Town Supervisor Ken Bush called me when he heard about the petition and immediately called the Sheriff's Department because he knew this was their area and they have a patrolman assigned to the area."

Argese says during the week of Oct. 29 a Sheriff from the Special Forces Unit stopped by to ask him what the busiest times were and if the Sheriff's Department could get permission to use Argese's driveway to catch speeders. Argese agreed.

"I haven't seen the Sheriff since then," Argese said. "While we were collecting signatures, we asked the neighbors if they had seen any police and unfortunately they hadn't. Basically, we can't depend on the police the way the situation is now. We have the village of Jordan police on one side, the Camillus police on another, the State Troopers on the other end, and the Sheriff's Department doesn't want to patrol this area."

Argese's house sits directly behind the first 30-mph sign as you enter the village. He thinks that installing flashing yellow lights around the sign would be a good start towards fixing the problem.

"I'll sit right in my front yard and see that the drivers aren't paying attention to the sign," said Argese. "So having some blinking lights, a sign that says 'strictly enforced' or something to get drivers attention would help."

Jay and Kim Bethel live across the road from Argese and have a 10 year-old son. Argese says his neighbors would like to see the 30-mph signs on Whiting Road moved back along towards Elbridge. The Bethels helped with collecting signatures for the petition.

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