Jamesville Sewer District: a long time coming

By Darryl Patteson

After five years of planning, the Jamesville Sewer District should be in place next year, according to Town of DeWitt Engineer Mike Kolceski.

"I've been hoping for this since I moved here," said Mary Cargian, who has lived on Seneca Turnpike Jamesville for 57 years.

The Jamesville Sewer District will feature just one pumping station and 13,000 feet of piping running along Seneca Turnpike and into Jamesville off that main pipe, a drop in the bucket compared to the 50 miles of sewer already in the town of DeWitt.

However, Kolceski said that septic systems were starting to fail in Jamesville two decades ago, making this small project very important environmentally. Septic systems remove waste from the home by sending it to a tank on the property that is eventually emptied. If that tank fails, wastewater gets into surrounding waterways. Sewer systems take waste to one treatment facility to keep it out of the environment.

Cargian experienced the difficulty of a failed septic system 15 years ago. Her septic system failed and then had to be replaced in the winter, but that wasn't the worst part. The failure happened when Cargian was hosting guests.

"A failed septic system can be very embarrassing when you have guests at the house," she said of the smell.

One of the negatives of the sewer system is the cost to the individual resident. Kolceski said that each resident has to pay to hook up the house to the sewer pipes. The town has put in 4,000 feet of pipe laterally from the main pipe to get as close as possible to many of the houses.

"Each house will cost what it costs," Kolceski said. "In some cases we'll be within 10 feet of the house and it's relatively easy to connect."

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