Meet DeWitt's Supervisor-Elect Ed Michalenko

How long have you lived in the town of DeWitt?

Since I can remember; my parents moved from the Eastside to Park Hill when I was entering second grade.

What do you like most about your community? What would you like to change?

The people; I have family and friends all over this town. My roots are deep. When I first ran for town board in 1996, I often joked, "There's not a neighborhood in DeWitt that I haven't played in."

The thing we'd like to change is we need to engage people, and involve residents in the decisions that most affect neighborhoods and their quality of life.

What was the most difficult aspect of campaigning? What was the most enjoyable?

Campaigning can increase one's level of anxiety, but it's really not difficult. Again, people are the most enjoyable aspect. The support I received from my wife, my family, and friends, was tremendous. Our ability to work as a team really lightened the load, and the feedback we received from people along the way was uplifting.

What were your first thoughts upon learning of your victory?

By the time Election Day comes around, you're so exhausted, you literally feel numb. I was, however, very grateful to the voters of DeWitt, to all our supporters, and again, to my wife, family and friends. All I could say to the people in the room on election night was "thank you."

Why do you believe you won?

I think voters were receptive of our message, that we are willing to give an honest effort in addressing the most pressing issues for the overall benefit of the community. I, unlike most, do not feel people are apathetic. I think low voter turnout results when people feel they don't have a choice and their vote won't make a difference. I think people generally understand what's happening, yet there are so many complex issues, and so many layers of government, where does an average person start? I believe we won because the voters are attentive and care about the future of DeWitt.

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