F-M Computer Hackers: What are your thoughts?

Six current Fayetteville-Manlius High School students and two 2007 graduates have been charged with several felonies in connection with a computer tampering scandal at the high school.

Opinions differ throughout the community as to why the teens risked their reputations, from the sheer urge to peek, to pressure for high grades and achievements.

There have also been mixed views on the disciplinary measures that need to be taken -- some due to their ages, others due to the nature of the crimes.

Eagle Bulletin editor Tami S. Zimmerman asked patrons of Panera Bread in Fayetteville their thoughts last week:

In your opinion, what would be a justified punishment for the accused F-M students and graduates?

Here's what they had to say:

"I wouldn't want to see them jeopardize their school career for making a mistake, but maybe some type of community service -- give back to the kids or the community in some way."

- Cindy Marchand, Oneida

"I feel that it's very serious and I think it's probably very widespread -- more than the general public knows. They should be suspended from school for a time and have to do some kind of community service. I don't think it should be jail time or anything like that, but I think they should get suspended from school. Those who are already in college should be certainly suspended from college as to whether they're expelled or not, I'm not familiar with the law, but I think it's very serious and other kids need to realize that there's punishment if you do something like this."

- Bob Nelkin, Manlius

"Whatever the current laws are -- if there were laws broken then I think they need to be enforced."

- John Demott, Syracuse

"The alumnus should be charged. He should be old enough to at least understand. But the kids, maybe, detain graduating at that particular time with their class. Community service would be appropriate, too -- maybe come back to the school to do some sort of educational plan. It's unfortunate."

- Judy Byrne, Jamesville

"Expelling them is enough. I don't think anything else should go further."

- Theresa Ehrich, F-M High School student

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