Being well in Caz

Being well by the numbers

By Willie Kiernan

By 2015, 75 percent of adults in this country will be overweight and 41 percent will be not just overweight but obese, according to a Tufts University Health and Nutrition Newsletter.

"We're so sedentary now," said Cathy Morse, wellness coach.

According the same newsletter, 24 percent of the children in this country will be overweight or obese by 2015, compared to 16 percent today.

"You sit at the computer. You can shop and you can do your banking. And there's unlimited programming on your TV," Morse said. "The kids follow suit. Even when it's 80 degrees outside, they'd rather play inside, video games with their buddies online."

Working out of Cazenovia Family Fitness Center on Albany Street, Morse is a personal trainer who focuses on nutrition and a healthy diet in concert with a regular exercise regime.

"We are very excited to begin to roll out or new 'nutritional coaching' programs with the basic premise to help eliminate the barriers that prevent us from reaching our desired level of fitness," said De Ann Steinhorst, owner of the fitness center. "And let's face it, with today's pace of life, time is most certainly the number one barrier."

Many people today in this fast-paced money driven world claim they don't have the time for personal fitness.

If people can take three hours out of their entire week, they can make a difference in their health," Morse said.

While before, Morse was a personal exercise trainer, now she goes deeper into a client's lifestyle to find the next logical step when exercise alone isn't working.

"This is how it begins with me, energy in, energy out," Morse said. "It's all about calorie intake and moving for energy output."

Morse likes to preach her 80-20 theory about diet. Through years of experience, she has learned that if people eat right 80 percent of the time, they can indulge in their weaknesses 20 percent of the time.

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