Clay: 'Tedious' sign process ongoing

Wilson said he believes towns should be eliminated.

Rowley said that he would take Wilson's concerns into consideration and try to find answers for his questions.

The board approved a stop sign at the west intersection of Big Cone Path and Pinegate Parkway in Pinegate. Resident Joe Bowers presented an application as well as a petition with 79 signatures requesting the sign, as the children from Big Cone need to cross the street to access a new park recently installed by the town.

The move was supported by both the police and highway departments in the town.

Diane Blanchfield's application for a special permit to operate an upscale animal boarding facility just north of the Euclid Hotel was denied.

"It's a really innovative project, and a very attractive idea," said Councilor Naomi Bray. "But the issues of noise and traffic brought up in the public hearing have not been resolved."

Bray also said that, according to the town's Northern Land Use Study, Euclid was designated an area in which no development should take place.

"Euclid and the hamlet of Clay both already have character and dimension," Bray said. "They're both part of the important historical background of this town. For that reason, I'm going to vote to deny the application on this site, but I hope that the applicant will consider another location in the town of Clay, because I think this is a great project."

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