Lysander: Two vie for first district seat

What are the three most important issues facing the legislature?

Property taxes will be an issue for the legislature in the coming years because property taxes effect growth and jobs. Another issue will be updating our infrastructure whether we are talking about our roads or our parks. We can not let the infrastructure become so deteriorated that it costs us more money to replace rather than maintain. The third issue that will be facing the legislature will be the upgrading of our emergency service radio system. We presently have emergency service personnel that can't talk to each other from one side of a building to the other because of the archaic system that is in place. The legislature will have to make a determination on this system soon.

How do you feel about consolidating services between the county and towns?

As I said previously, we are in a polite program with the town of Lysander's tax office. I supported this when we started it and would support other ventures. However, we must look at the service to be provided. With this tax office consolidation, the public saw no diminishment in service. When we look at other areas we have to maintain the service expectation of the public.

Name: James Borchik

Address: 9466 Pendergast Road Phoenix

Age: 56

Political affiliation: Democrat

Professional experience: Retired small business owner, Realtor 10 years, currently a part time driver safety instructor.

Political experience: None

Community involvement: Little League manager, board of directors and umpire; girls' indoor soccer coach.

Family: Wife of 34 years, Palma, son Brian, daughter, Erin VanBuren and four grandchildren.

How do you see the relationship between the county and the town of Lysander and how do you plan to represent your constituents in the legislature?

The concerns and needs of the people of Lysander should be heard by the legislature and beyond. I have heard it over and over again that a county legislator's job is part time. I believe this job can only be done with a full time effort. I plan to make this a full time job. If the people are willing to put their trust in me by electing me to represent them, then the very least I can do is give them my best full time effort.

What are the three most important issues facing the legislature?

1. Jobs, existing and new 2. Taxes 3. Government waste

How do you feel about consolidating services between the county and towns?

I think we can consolidate some services such as purchasing. However, I believe most consolidation should be done through attrition. Doing it this way will lessen the 'shock.' As people retire or take other jobs, don't replace them. When it becomes viable, form what is left into one entity.

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