S.U. Champs return to skaneateles for FootBall

"He is a big advocate against violence," Lauren said. "He goes around the country teaching and lecturing on violence toward women. He also appeared on the Oprah Show and in O Magazine.

I wanted to work together again, and recruiting his help on the FootBall was the perfect opportunity for us to team up.

The FootBall kick off:

Lauren shared her vision of team spirit, which was to get Syracuse's football community to come together to champion a charitable institution. It's important to note that this event is driven by Central New York businesses with 100 percent support from the University.

She wanted to get the party started right, by inviting another former quarterback, Donovan McNabb, Coach Mac and Don too.

"Donnie laughed at me," she said.

He told her there is no way you will get all our schedules to work.

"If I do," she said, "will you come?"

Well, the roster was set within 24 hours. That first year it was called the "McMac," one third of the proceeds went to Dick 'Coach Mac' MacPherson's juvenile diabetes fund, one third to the Jenna Foundation in McPherson's name and one third to -- Donovan McNabb's foundation.

Scott Congel, who was also at Syracuse with McPherson and Lauren, got the FootBall in play by hosting it at the Pyramid Companies downtown.

"Scott was a former football player too," Lauren said, "We all knew each other in college Scott, Donnie Mac and me."

Party draws former 'Cuse' football players back:

"We've had super bowl champs," Lauren said. "They come back to the community; they come back to participate. Coaches too, in years past, Coach P (Paul Pasqualoni) spent a lot of his own time and money on the event, he was very dedicated, his wife Jill too."

Some of the others to return have been Donovan McNabb, Rob Konrad, Kyle Johnson and James Mungro of the super bowl champion Colt's.

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