When God Grew Tired of Us

Lost Boys' story is easily found in 'When God Grew Tired of Us.'

John Bul Dau suffered an ordeal biblical in nature starting at the age of 13. The title of this Sudanese man's book "When God Grew Tired of Us: A Memoir," was taken from his wondering of why? Why me lord? Why my family? Why my people? Why Sudan?

For a long while it was as if no answers came. But still he could not give up.

The book is now a National Geographic sponsored documentary film. It was shown this past weekend in the black box at the Auburn Public Theater.

The First Presbyterian Church in Skaneateles is part of Dau's sponsorship in America, even though he resides in Syracuse. He approached his congregation on behalf of the Lost Boys of the Sudan living in the United States, and asked if they would help the Lost Boys to raise money for a health clinic in Dau's home county of Duk in southern Sudan.

Keep in mind that analgesics are not available to these people, said First Presbyterian's minister Reverend Craig Lindsay. This means they don't have aspirin or a Band-Aid, let alone a doctor, a nurse, an EMT or a clinic.

Witnessing "When God Grew Tired of Us" in Auburn

Angela Daddabbo, Artistic Producing Director, introduced the film. She said a friend called and said you have to see this movie tonight. Daddabbo was in the middle of diapering her baby, awaiting her 7-year-old's arrival home from school and into the usual with her 2-year-old golden retriever puppy (who is the worst of the lot).

She said are you crazy? "My husband has been at work all day, and I am going to just drop all this?"

Yes, her friend said, you know, I know of what you speak, I wouldn't call unless it was important.

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