Marcellus Group update

Three major projects slated for summer

The Marcellus Group will be chugging away at various business renovations and openings in the village throughout the summer.

Village Trustee William Luchetti, who runs the economic development company, said Marcellus will see the reopening of the Pastry Palace (under a new name), the opening of the Redrock diner, and the unveilng of an apartment complex, all located in the central business district.

"I know everybody wants to see something happen overnight," Luchetti said. "But we want to get things right. I'm trying to bring businesses back to the village and we're being going over each detail -- right down to the paint."

Here's a quick list of the Marcellus Group's current projects:

Already open

Luchetti said his "weekend spa" JaSpa, located in the old movie theater building in the village, is already busy, with over 1,000 enrolled members. "And we don't even advertise," he said. "That's all through word-of-mouth."

The Marcellus group also offers wire istribution services, selling BusinessWire and PR Newswire.

"It's something a lot of people don't know about us," Luchetti said, adding that a Marcellus Group newsletter is in the works.

Coming soon

The pastry shop

Formerly owned by a pastry chef from Jamesville, and then abandoned, The Marcellus Group went to the community to figure out what to do with the building.

"We did our homework and a majority of people said they wanted to see it as a pastry shop," he said. "It wasn't an easy job ... We had to do a lot just to get the building up to code."

The shop is almost complete, Luchetti said, save a few big pieces of equipment. He said to expect freshly baked goodness, with indoor and outdoor seating, in a few weeks.

The Redrock

The Marcellus group is still tinkering with themes for the diner, which is scheduled to be open by the end of summer, Luchetti said. "We're thinking about going with the '50s era or motorcycle-themed atmosphere," he said. "We're trying to come up with hip stuff to draw a younger audience."

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