Lenox: ZBA approves lake home variance

The Lenox Zoning Board of Appeals held a public hearing April 26 to determine if a variance on Kinlock Point Road would be in the best interest of residents and maintains the character of the existing area.

Kinlock Point Road is a private road on the south shore of Oneida Lake. The residents are provided with sewer and water services, although the residents have chosen to hook up to one or more or none of the services.

Property owner Dean Shlotzhauer was asking the board for a one-foot, 10-inch variance on the east side of the property line and a two-foot, 10-inch variance on the south side of the property line to build a two-story single-family dwelling with attached garage. Shlotzhauer purchased a summer camp, razed the structure and submitted prints to construct a year-round home on the property.

"We have to keep in mind the character of the area," said Tom Clarke, chairman of the zoning board.

Norma Luce, Kinlock Point Road resident was concerned with rules.

"You set rules for emergency vehicles and so on," Luce said.

"We don't set up the rules," Clarke said. "The town board sets the ordinances."

"The rules that come about they are for our benefit and safety," Luce said. "When I bought a camp I found out what the rules were just like I'm sure Mr. Shlotzhauer found out what the rules were. Why can he break the rules?"

Clarke told Luce that 35 years ago when she purchased her property there were no ordinances.

"Society has away of creeping up on us and since then town board has set rules and regulations," Clarke said. "That's why they come to see us and you got a notice."

"I have no objection to Mr. Shlotzhauer building a house," Luce said. "It's a safety house for us. These are summer homes."

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