B'ville: BTG Review - High expectations

A ditzy housewife named Edith, a loudmouth husband, a ne'er-do-well son-in-law and a beautiful, but air-headed, blond daughter.

Sound familiar?

Though that certainly describes the lead characters from the classic sitcom, "All in the Family," it also applies to the funny foursome in the two-act comedy, "Never Too Late," being staged by the Baldwinsville Theatre Guild at the First Presbyterian Church auditorium.

"Never Too Late" is like "All in the Family" but without the political satire. Instead its slightly dysfunctional family deals with a very personal and surprising situation: 50-something Edith is pregnant.

Cast fleshes out characters

That's a paper-thin premise for an entire play, but the talented and experienced BTG cast milk it for all they've got, and they've got plenty!

Jon Wright plays Edith's husband, and he deftly carries Harry over a gamut of emotional reactions from belligerence to bewilderment. A big, bearded man, Wright's right for the role and displays a flair for funny business from flustered bluster to slow burns.

BTG veteran Josh Taylor portrays the devil-may-care son-in-law, Charlie Clinton. He's a thorn in Harry's side at the family lumberyard, but he means well especially when it comes to his lovely wife, Kate, played by Blair Dawson.

Like Wright, Taylor and Dawson each bring a little something extra to their characters, fleshing them out with multiple motives and subtle changes. For instance, after Edith's expectancy is established, Charlie makes an offhand remark to his nubile wife, an aspiring fashion-plate who's been reduced to wearing big, round hair-curlers, tacky housecoats and mismatched aprons as she spells Edith in the kitchen.

"It's funny," Charlie muses. "It's like Mom's getting younger and you're getting older."

Oops. Dawson's Kate pauses imperceptibly before oozing a facetious, "Thanks!" Her sarcasm suddenly shifts to inspiration, however, as she bats her big blues eyes at Charlie and coos a sensual vow to also conceive a child.

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