In Cicero, Zambrano seeks answers

Since, the dialogue has yet to continue. What is known is that the town has put $148,000 into economic development since 2005-'06 and that has since turned into $750,000 in grants and such for the town. That is a 507-percent return for every dollar spent on development, which can be directly attributed to the Wladis Law Firm.

"She doesn't understand what her job consists of," Chet Dudzinski, town supervisor, said. "The agendas have to be in place by Wednesday at noon by the department heads, they are then handed out to the town board on Friday at noon." When the motion is made on the floor pertaining to the abstract fees, a vote must take place. In order for Zambrano to pull out just the Wladis fees, she would have to line-vote the monies in question prior to the motion being made."

Instead, she has voted no to the whole abstract. Something Zambrano felt she had been "Maneuvered into." "The abstract passed with the votes, but voting against the whole abstract was an oversight, or error on my part," Zambrano said.

"She consistently comes to the town meetings and tries to discredit a town attorney worth more than he's paid," Dudzinski said. In response, "I would like to come to an independent conclusion about his (Wladis Law Firm) worth, I want follow-up," Zambrano said.

There is a 79-hour turnaround time from when the board receives their copy of the agenda until the town board meeting on the following Monday. Just over three days worth of time to go over questions pertaining to agenda questions, so why does Zambrano wait until the meeting to question the fees?

"When we had the proposed meeting, there were two other attorneys present, and it ended up being billable hours to the town," Zambrano said. "I had allocated an hour but I can't hold future meetings because it will cause more bills, I don't want the town to be burdened with that, so in effect I'm closed out from activities because of billable hours. I'm doing my job well, questioning issues and conversation where it hasn't been before, we have open government and I certainly do not feel that I know what's going on with economic development."

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