Marcellus: Voters OK new library

Nod given to $2.5-million project

The public has spoken -- the Marcellus Free Library will have a new home.

Over 800 residents came out to Marcellus High School last week to cast their votes to decide whether or not to fund the movement of the library from its current resting place on Slocombe Avenue to the corner of Orange and Maple Streets.

Over 71 percent of those who came out voted "yes," to the proposal, which will tack on another $350,000 to library operating costs each year, costing each area resident about $60 dollars more in taxes. The library's total cost, once built, will be $460,000 a year, up from $87,000.

The new library will be part of the Upper Crown Mill Project, a privately led project that will build condominiums and commercial buildings along Nine Mile Creek.

Plans call for a 10,500 square-foot, two-story facility, according to head librarian Carol Johnson.

"Basically the people came out and passed the budget for the upcoming fiscal year," Johnson said. "This allows the board to go forward with the planning and go after money for the project."

The new library is expected to be open within two years according to Johnson and will be paid for by a $2.5-million Industrial Development Agency bond. The taxpayers will have to match $191,000 of that over a 20-year period.

The library serves over 4,500 households according to Johnson.

"We're so very excited about moving ahead with this project," Johnson said. "It's such a wonderful resource for the community and we thank everyone who encouraged us and came out to show us their support."

The new library will have a plethora of over 30,000 pieces of various media available: books, software, CDs, DVDs, audiobooks and large print titles.

The new library will also offer a more "comforting environment" according to Johnson. She said right now there is no quiet reading area in the library, is poorly designed for parking, is easily over crowded, and has a cramped children's section. On top of that, there is no air conditioning in the library, which can really damper a summer's refuge from the heat.

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