Manlius: Meet trustee candidate Scott McGrew

On March 20, village residents will have the opportunity to vote for three new trustees to represent them on the Manlius Village Board. The five candidates running for the three open seats are Harold Hopkinson, Ed Lowenstein, Jim Starowitz, Mark-Paul Serafin and Scott McGrew.

The Eagle Bulletin sponsored a candidate's forum on Thursday, March 8 to find out each candidate's position in regards to village issues. Read about Scott McGrew and his responses below:

Scott McGrew

Vision Party

Manlius resident since 1991

Political experience:

Member of the Vision Manlius comprehensive planning committee

Community involvement:

Member of the Manlius Fire Department for more than 12 years as a volunteer firefighter

In order to possibly lower taxes and save the village money, what services would you consolidate, if any? Do you think the villages should be consolidated into the town in any form?

"I think we can work together with the area municipalities on purchasing, have a bigger buying group and the village does some now. Last year they had to redo a road, they borrowed equipment and some of the town employees, I believe, to pave a village street instead of contracting it so that would save money. As for consolidating, I don't think it's a feasible idea at this point."

Should the village of Manlius continue with the trash sticker program or should the tipping fee come from a line in the budget?

"That's an interesting question because as we've been going door to door, that's one of the big topics that people have asked. Believe it or not, it's probably split 50/50. Some people want it to go away and some people don't. Some people say that if it goes away, they don't want an increase in taxes, but then some people realize that if you're doing away with the sticker program, you're doing away with a revenue source. So a revenue source has to come from somewhere, whether it be an increase in taxes or you cut services elsewhere. It's something that has to be looked at to see if there's an equitable and feasible solution to the stickers."

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