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Ellen Yeoman of Baldwinsville has a passion for books. And rightfully so as she just published her third novel "Rubber Houses" that came out in January. Her previous novels included "Jubilee" and "Lost and Found: Remembering a Sister."

The Baldwinsville Messenger recently interviewed Yeoman to find out more about her writing adventures.

Who is the audience for your books?

I write picture books for young children and novels for young adults.

What is your writing experience?

I've written somewhere in the vicinity of 100 manuscripts. Some of them may someday be books. Some of them became published magazine articles or essays. Most will never see print and paper. Three are books.

Have you always aspired to be a writer?

I have always loved books and reading, but I didn't plan to become a writer. I began working part-time in bookstores. That's where my love of children's literature was rekindled. Eventually, I took a class and began writing. It was obvious to me that the children's field was a lot more difficult to break into than the adult market. The standards were higher and that the writing had to be better to be published. So, I began writing for adults in the magazine market, trying to improve my skills. I studied, I read, I wrote. Eventually, my writing for children began to be published.

What inspires your writing?

The flippant answer is everything, but it's true too. Snippets of conversation I overhear may sneak into a book. Situations may morph into plot threads and become included. Characters are everywhere: good and bad. One year, my daughter had a terrible elementary school teacher. I still regret that she had to endure her, but that teacher will one day appear as an antagonist in a novel. I'll have to soften her a little or she wouldn't be believable, though.

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