Pheonix Rising

Rainbow went on to sing "Get Ya Good" by Shania Twain, and to her delight was given a ticket to move onto Hollywood.

Rainbow went to Hollywood on Nov. 11, two days before her try-out. Air-fare and accommodations were taken care of by Fox. Rainbow went with her father because she is only 17 and according to the contest's rules, all contestants under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a guardian.

When in Hollywood, Rainbow sang "Window to My Heart," by Faith Hill. "When I walked in there Paula wasn't even paying attention, Simon was chewing on his pen and staring at the wall, Randy was the only one looking at me so I sang directly to him," Rainbow said. "I finished singing and Randy said that he liked me, Paula went on to say that I was too young, and confused about the type of music I should sing, the guest judge that was there that day agreed with Paula. Then Simon looked at Paula, told her she was wrong and that I was just what this competition needed." Because the tally was two-to-two Rainbow was voted off.

"I was voted off and I was so upset," Rainbow said. "Then I was one of the people who walked through the wrong door and it made everything that much worse."

"They followed me around with a camera, and since the cameraman was a guy I went into the girl's bathroom, he couldn't follow me in there but a camerawoman came in and stood on the stall next to me to film me from above."

Phoenix wanted to express one thing, "Ever since I was on American Idol everybody thinks they'll be able to go and try-out and do what I did, everybody thinks that it's easy but it's not. I enjoyed the whole experience, at first I hated American Idol but I understand that they're just trying to put on a show."

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