Camillus-Town Shop to get a new roof

The Town Shop in the village of Camillus is the project on the top of the list for the five-year community development plan in Camillus. The five-year plan, which also includes the street scape project, the edge road garden sewer project, a new elevator at town hall, and a new handicapped bathroom at the town hall as well. The plan was approved at the last Camillus Town Board meeting on Feb. 27 as part of three public hearings.

Some members of the board would have liked to see the street scape project as number one on the list; however, they agreed that a new roof was necessary to keep the building, which will be celebrating its 36th anniversary on March 7, maintained.

At the other two public hearings the Camillus Municipal Code was amended for the placement of stop signs in Annesgrove. The Camillus Highway Department recommended the placement of stop signs at the northeast corner of Linenhall and Donnelly Street, one at the northeast corner of Newbridge and Donnelly Street, another at the southwest corner of Frodo and Donnelly Street and one more at the northwest corner of Donnelly and Scenic Drive. The board unanimously approved the amendment.

At the final public hearing of the evening a rate increased for Maplewood Cemetary rate increases was unanimously approved by the board.

The new rates are as follows: lot purchase price $650, grave opening fee-casket interment $600, grave opening fee-cremation interment $250, and a Saturday burial surcharge is $150. Each of the new rates increased approximately $20 from the previous charges.

Onondaga County recently increased their burial/cremation rates as well, which allowed Camillus and other towns and villages to do the same.

The new rates will go into effect at the start of the next school year.

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