Caz- And the survey says

And the survey says

Market survey reveals that things haven't changed much

By Willie Kiernan

The Greater Cazenovia Area Chamber of Commerce and the Cazenovia Area Community Development Association presented the preliminary findings from the market survey Feb. 28 in the community room in the library. About 50 to 60 people were in attendance seeking results from the survey that took place last November and December. The Syracuse University Whitman Consulting group sent out more than 4,000 questionnaires to residents in the Cazenovia School District; about 600 were returned.

"These are the opinions of people in the area who filled out the survey forms," said John Hunter, chamber co-chair. "This in no way represents the views of the chamber or CACDA."

Chris Nugent and Jessica Cemate from the Whitman School at Syracuse University made the presentation.

"The intent was to use this survey to decide how to move forward and where to move forward," said Barbara Henderson, executive director of CACDA. "Whitman did this pro-bono and they deserve a big round of applause."

The study conducted late last year was similar to a study done in 1996. They used the same format but changed a few things, like the addition of expansion, development and Internet issues. Though the analysis is not complete, the preliminary results of the current survey and the one taken 10 years ago were strikingly similar.

Four words were used by the majority of surveyed responders to describe Cazenovia. These were quaint, expensive, friendly and well-kept, the same four words from 1996.

Different pie charts were presented on the screen to show age groups and genders and percentages. Again without jumping to conclusions, some reasonable was made. The most glaring piece of information gathered seemed to be the polarization of some of the Cazenovia residents. Some strongly want a Walmart type store while others are rabidly against. Some want more business and more jobs in town, others would rather not see it.

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