Philosologger travels from Montana by horse and wagon

Most people can't even dream these ventures up; and those that do never find the nerve nor the gumption to pull them off. When Lee Horselogger, as he likes to be known, left Montana, he had a place to run to and a place to run from. With $75 in his pocket and all his belongings packed, it took more than just nerve and gumption; it took a pair of horses, a pair of dogs, a wagon and a bunch of t-shirts to sell along the way.

On a trip that began last August, Lee was seen on Route 20 in the village of Cazenovia last Tuesday night. He stopped at the Sunoco station and asked permission to bed down for the night in the rear of the parking lot.

"We were happy to be of service to help him along his trip," said Pat Parisou, manager at the Sunoco. "He promised he would clean everything up."

The next morning, Lee was unfinished with a much-needed night's sleep when a lady came up to one of the horses tied to the wagon to pet its nose. The stallion bucked into the shanty on wheels as the dogs barked. The weary traveler emerged from the wagon with a screaming headache, trying to make se of the situation and where he was. He looked like a young but gnarly Santa Claus in a stained t-shirt and laceless boots.

"A stranger just doesn't walk up to a horse she doesn't know," Lee said. "That's a stallion and he kicks."

With a sign on the back of his makeshift haywagon that said "Montana to Boston" and a web site, Leehorselogger.com, the wagoneer made his way to a swivel chair he had in the parking lot and proceeded to engage in the repetitious question and answer session with the passersby and curiosity seekers that invariably developed at just about every one of his stops. It seems everyone always asks the same question.

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