Vandalls terrorize day care playground in Marcellus

For shame:

Shame on you -- and you know who you are for vandalizing the playground of the Marcellus Community Care Center (MCCC). The 23-year-old day care center has been 'under siege' for the past six months with its playground taking a direct hit.

"Rope swings have been cut," said Sharon Morgan, director of MCCC. "A slide has been broken, playground equipment has been piled on top of each other, and even little plastic cars and trucks the children play with have been smashed."

It is difficult to believe that anyone would want to do this and by doing so directly hurt the children who attend the center's program.

"We are at a loss to explain it or identify who is doing this," Morgan said. "Yes, we have a fence around the playground and the fence is locked at the end of the day. Whoever is doing this is simply scaling the fence and climbing in."

Even more serious is that whomever the guilty party (ies) is (are), they are leaving dangerous calling cards that could directly affect the health of the children.

"Our shade canopy had been cut and we discovered peanut shells on the ground near it," Miller said. "This is a serious problem in that some of our children have an allergy to peanuts. Whoever is doing this may not intend to harm any child directly, but something as small as a peanut shell could cause serious injury."

Morgan, who is completing her third year as director, and her staff have been on high alert since the malicious activity began. They are meticulous about examining the playground for any debris and looking at the equipment before and after it is used.

"It's heartbreaking for us," Morgan said. "The children cry when they discover that they can't use the swings or the slide. Funds are extremely tight and things like replacing even a simple thing as a slide costs $500. The children have to wait; we have to wait, for us to get enough money to replace items."

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