Glengarry Bhoys sold out in Homer

The Glengarry Bhoys (GB) literally rocked the rafters in Homer last weekend June 14 and 15. The second floor balcony swayed under the stomping feet of a crowd that ranged in ages from baby to great grandda. The Center for the Arts in Homer (CFTAH) closed its regular season to a sell out and the largest audience in its history. GB is a Celtic rock band from Glengarry Ontario that is four bhoys and one fiery woman. I believe it started as a trio with Graham 1 the front man on guitar and vocals, Graham 2 on bass and vocals and Gaye Stuart Leroux or Zig on drums and vocals. G1 confided to the gathering that he and Zig had once been cops. He explained how their song, which screams full of rage was written after a particularly grueling night on the beat. It's pretty brilliant, full of angst and adrenaline and the crazies.

These three are the infrastructure, like steel or more like post and beam as there is plenty of give. Upon this Ewan rocks it with of all things wind instruments including the bagpipes and many a trill with a penny whistle. He has this way of holding himself that would rival any hot rock and roll performer in history, only he is playing the bagpipes, its wailing working to his advantage. His voice is described on their Web site as both earthy and true. With everything else in his bag of tricks, his singing is noticeable. He definitely has stage.

As does Miranda the red hair vixen (hey it fits) with a voice like an angel, who can sing from any position in the choir. She plays the fiddle as if she were born to it. She is the quintessential fiddle chick. I saw them last year and Miranda was on fire, although the year seemed to take a toll on her spirit. She was fine, but a little sullen. At the end of the encore, the Bhoys took a bow arm in arm, as she turned her back on the crowd and hurried off stage. Even in a snit her talent stands out as striking, but it didn't seem like a great place to be in the midst of a tour junket.

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