Marcellus contractor embraces earth's beauty in his work

"Look at those beautiful hills up there," said McClurg, a 21-year veteran firefighter turned general contractor. "How or why would you want to destroy that natural beauty?"

It's nothing new for McClurg, who said his company has always been committed to minimizing waste and reusing materials whenever possible.

"Ever since we started in 1986, we have recycled, reused or donated to Habitat for Humanity any material left over from a job, including aluminum, steel and copper," McClurg said. "Why pay to have it hauled away when you can save money and help the environment at the same time? It's not rocket science here."

The cost of green

Living in a green community provides a long-term gain for everyone, McClurg said. For example, a geothermal energy system, which may heat and cool the homes, costs more than traditional options.

"But in time, the system will have paid for itself in heating and cooling cost savings," he said.

McClurg also said that an aluminum coating applied to roof sheathing will keep attics 30 percent cooler, translating into a 20 percent energy savings.

On top of that, McClurg said don't be surprised to see National Grid buy power from residents in the development who stockpile energy from the solar panels in solar storage units.

Designing for all phases of life

Not too long ago, McClurg's father was nearing the end of his life's journey and he wanted to be at home when that time came.

After living through the experience with his family, McClurg decided to become a certified Aging in Place Specialist, which allows him to design homes for people to live in all the way up until their last day.

"I was able to be with my father, bedside, in his home, when he died," McClurg said. "It was an incredibly enlightening experience. A lot of people spend their final days in nursing homes, and I think we're reverting back in time in this respect as well We're taking care of our elderly."

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