What does Memorial Day mean to Marcellus

When the American Legion members march in the parade to this point, they stop on North Street at the flagpole to raise the American flag and salute those who have served and those who gave their lives serving. After today's ceremony, it would be entirely appropriate for you to just go up to one of the America Legion members and thank him for what he personally did for our country.

We, as a people, a community, and a nation are thankful to those who have served in the military both in the times of peace and the times of war. Each who has served in the military made a sacrifice by giving up time from a normal life with family and friends. Many veterans have known the agonizing boredom of waiting, training, and waiting and then experienced the terror of combat.

We should also never forget those veterans who have served in the current War and have been injured and are recovering. We should remember Marcellus' own Jeff Guerin, our Iraq War veteran, who is still disabled.

Memorial Day weekend goes a step beyond reflecting on our past. The heart of maintaining a free society is the realization that FREEDOM IS NOT FREE. The highest price paid for freedom is the life of an individual serving his nation. All gave much, some gave all.

A nation is built on values. Without values there is no bedrock upon, which a nation can stand. All across the United States, this truth is recognized in community after community. It is very fitting that in Marcellus our Memorial to those who have died in the military is situated in the heart of the Village on land between three churches that reflect our spiritual heritage.

On this site the Grand Army of the Republic veterans held campfires and services remembering their brothers in arms from the Civil War.

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