What does Memorial Day mean to Marcellus

In the highly technological society that we now live, it is easy to over look the exceptional life style that still exists in the town and village of Marcellus. We still have a quality of life much more like when the United States was founded. We live in a very definite community.

As major urban areas become a sprawl of homes, shopping centers, and multi-lane highways, Marcellus retains characteristics, which are becoming more and more unique. We live in a community, which is still focused between two hills in a beautiful valley with a constant stream flowing through it. The village of Marcellus is the focal point for commercial activity and education. We have been experiencing a renewal of the village through an ongoing renovation of many buildings. Our churches in the village form a spiritual hub. Think how blessed we are that the next community is not jammed up next to us. We truly have a home "town."

Why is Memorial Day important to the community that is Marcellus?

Today we experience our outstanding life style because many of our forefathers in the town and village of Marcellus were willing to step forward to establish, defend and preserve the freedoms we have.

Memorial Day was first called Decoration Day following the Civil War because Americans decorated the graves of war veterans on May 30 with red flowers. In 1968 Congress officially establish May 30 as the national holiday of Memorial Day to honor those who died in military service. In 1971 Congress moved the observation date to the last Monday in May.

If we were to walk just around the corner to the Village Cemetery, we would find the new flag pole and memorial and sign which says, in part;

"Here rests many a soldier of the American Revolution, of the War of 1812, of the Civil War, their warfare is over There is no one to preserve the memories and the legacy from the past. There is no one but us."

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