C-NS students donate money for a good cause


Two groups of students from C-NS high school donated over $3,000 in all to the Golisano Children's Hospital through various fundraisers. Paul Chapin's block four practical physics class and the National Honor Society earned the money with help from Career Center Advisor Ellie Peavey.

B.J. Adigun, director of community development for the Golisano Children's Hospital, attended the monthly National Honor Society officers' meeting, where he met current and newly elected officers. At the meeting on May 31, Adigun was presented with a check for $2,400. The National Honor Society pledged $1 for every student in the high school to earn money for the cause. A car wash, Cold Stone Creamery fundraiser, helping to staff the Big-East Sports Show fundraiser, an inkjet cartridge/cell phone recycling campaign and a hat day were held in order to raise $2,400 for the hospital.

The practical physics class, comprised of 13 members, worked on a collaborative school business project with the Syracuse Crunch to earn $720 for the same cause. The class taught two lesions about the physics of ice hockey to fourth graders in the district's six elementary schools. In addition, they sold raffle tickets for stick and jersey competitions to fans around the War Memorial during a Crunch game during "District Night" at the arena. Mike Folsom, director of group sales for the Syracuse Crunch, was on-hand for the presentation of the check to Adigun.

To date, the career education program at C-NS has raised over $12,000 for the hospital. A nursing station in memory of Shannon Froyo has been sponsored and paid in the amount of $10,000 from the C-NS career center program.

Adigun went on to note that if the students desired to they could "earmark" all future donations to be spent on a specific section of the hospital.

"The money raised provides program benefits and money to families and patients, the money to build the hospital has already been raised," Adigun said. "You can earmark the money for special purposes or funds such as pediatric surgery. We've lost two surgeons already and need money to recruit top-level surgeons. If you wanted to be more specific with the donations, you most certainly could. The surgery and child life departments need the most money."

The hospital began construction last fall and expect the building to be completed in 2009. As of now, the largest crane in North America is on site to aid in the construction process. The hospital, which will be attached to University Hospital, will sit above University.

"The hospitals are separate and distinct but attached," Adigun said. "They each are their own separate entity."

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