Camillus- Harry Potter frenzy draws big crowds

Harry Potter Frenzy draws big crowds

By Jennifer Graham

Muggles from every which way arrived at bookstores such as Borders at the Carousel Mall to hold the seventh and final novel from J.K. Rowling's well-loved "Harry Potter" series at midnight on July 20.

The inside of the two-floor bookstore looked like a campsite on Halloween. Children, teenagers and adults crowded the area on the floor, against the wall and between shelves in costumes that resembled characters from Rowling's novel.

However, these frantic and nervous individuals were not only Harry Potter's greatest and most loyal fans, but people who had gained a lesson from his story.

"[Harry Potter] has classic lessons about good and evil and even great vocabulary," said Meghan Burns, a student at West Genesee High School as she waited near the front of the line.

On the top floor, a costume contest occurred and a large crowd formed around fans dressed like Harry, Hermione, Ron and Luna Lovegood, hoping to win a spot near the front of the line.

The look-alikes did, in fact, look quite similar to the actual actors and actresses in the movies based on Rowling's novels.

"Harry is always very brave and doesn't back away from difficult situations and tries to be true to himself," said Imogen from Liverpool.

It's true that books like the Harry Potter series can really touch a reader's heart and change the way they see people as well as themselves. Because of these books, people have extended their levels of creativity and imagination to higher and more impressive levels.

Some even have grown to have a keen sense of memory.

"I haven't forgotten the infamy of Snape killing Dumbledore on page 621 in book six," said Nate from Syracuse. "And I don't intend to repeat."

So is this really the end of J.K. Rowling's infamous Harry Potter books? Will there really never be another chance to dive into the world of Hogwarts? The mystery still remains but one thing is for certain: Harry Potter's magic will never die or be erased from the vivid minds of his fans.

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