Brewerton Seniors:Nowhere to go

Senior citizens faced with dilemma

Alice McDonald lives in the Wedgewood Apartments off of 298 West in Bridgeport and she's hungry, hungry for change. There is no grocery store within 10 miles of the complex. The apartments are subsidized senior housing and hold well over 50 senior citizens.

"I want to see a building go up in the area," McDonald said.

Wegmans in East Syracuse is 11 miles away, grocery stores on Route 11 in North Syracuse and Cicero are at the very least, 12 miles away, and grocery stores in the Chittenango area are nearly 15 miles away. This type of travel for senior citizens may be somewhat of a daunting task.

"Wedgewood senior citizens are handicapped and disabled in some cases, they don't drive and don't own a car," McDonald said.

A bus comes once a month for the residents of Wedgewood to take to Wal-Mart. They must sign up and pay. The bus, is small and take more than a select number of residents. Furthermore, full groceries cannot be bought because there is no way to transport them back with such a small bus.

Within walking distance from the apartment complex is Gateway Park, which offers a Kinney's Drugs, Dollar Store, Sam's Pizzeria, Dunkin' Donuts and two gas stations. With these stores within walking distance, what's the problem?

"Everyone here is on a fixed income, there are health issues like diabetes and such, all the food is full of sodium, there is no fresh fruit, meat or vegetables and the prices are high," Gina Wozniak, property manager for Wedgewood said.

Three weeks ago, McDonald began to get pro-active about the problem facing her. She put a petition in the office at the Wedgewood apartments, when other seniors would come in to get their mail, they would look at it and sign it if necessary. To date, nearly 100 people have signed the petition.

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