B'ville: House call: the photographer's in

"Pets are like children to a lot of people now and they want to capture their personalities," Lovejoy said.

When Lovejoy prepares to meet a first time client, she will meet with them wherever they wish, whether it be her home or theirs. "Everything I do is catered to the client," Lovejoy said.

After determining what the client wants out of the photographs, she then maps out an outline of the price, which varies depending on the event. She has all her own equipment, including lighting, background and digital equipment. If the event is something like a wedding, then Lovejoy knows that she is to be as discreet as possible.

"I try and blend in as much as possible, so I'm not an interruption," Lovejoy said.

Children are especially fun to photograph according to Lovejoy, and she is known for giving gifts to friends and family of photographs of their children.

"I capture what is special about a child without anyone even realizing it," Lovejoy said. "No clutter, just the child comfortable and happy."

Lovejoy hopes in the future to have a wide variety of clients and that she can continue to do what she loves full time. "I would love to do senior portraits, family portraits, gifts, grandparents, children and pets," Lovejoy said. "My work speaks for itself."

Lovejoy can be contacted through her web site at horsecentsphotography.com, or by phone 303-4069.

"Photography gives me a great deal of pleasure; it's something I'm very passionate about," she said. "I see things differently through my lens, and then my client gets to see it too. I like showing them that."

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