Salina: Sparks fly at meeting

For the second meeting in a row, Salina Supervisor Charles Iavarone and Second Ward Councilor David Stott got into a verbal altercation over a matter that came before the board.

This time, the focus of the argument was Stott's request to put "No Parking" signs along the east side of Limestone Drive near Wemesfelder Park (formerly Electronics Park). The matter came before the town board at its last regular meeting Tuesday July 10.

"I talked to residents in that area and they're frustrated with the parking," Stott said. "They'll support anything we can do to help."

Stott said that cars parking along the east side of Limestone present a traffic hazard in that they obstruct drivers' view of oncoming traffic. He said the site is an accident waiting to happen. There are no homes along that stretch of Limestone.

Iavarone, however, was not willing to support the motion without a petition from the residents. "I've always asked for [a petition] in similar situations," he said. "I'm not comfortable doing it without some type of written documentation from the residents of the area that says this is what they want."

"This is a safety concern," Stott said. "I'm coming to you as a concerned resident. I'm saying we need it."

"We're not disagreeing that it's a good idea," Third Ward Councilor Michael Giarusso said. "But if we do it without a petition, we're circumventing the policies this board put in place."

"I'll tell you right now, those are not parking spots," Stott said. "It's an unsafe situation. We're talking about displacing four cars that could go and park in the real lot on the other side [of the park]. I can't believe you're going to make these people wait another month [until the board's next meeting to improve this situation] when there's games there every single day."

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