Manlius Town Board: Stop sign decision tabled

A public hearing to install two additional stop signs at a three-way intersection prompted mixed reactions at the Manlius Town Board July 11 meeting. This is not the first time Dawley and Woodcroft Roads have been at the center of attention.

In 2003, a public hearing was held in response to Seanne Mangan's request to the board to consider implementing three stop signs at the crossroads. Based on the police chief and the highway superintendent's study and recommendations at the time, as well as the neighborhood input, it was agreed to produce just one.

Most recently, neighborhood resident Pete Fredell wrote to the board with a request to revisit the issue and again consider a three-way stop sign at the same location. Reasons included heavy traffic and increased speed.

Fredell, Mangan and Highway Superintendent Bill Bennett were unable to attend the hearing, but Police Chief Francis Marlowe was present and stood by his original recommendation. He said a traffic count could be done, however, the study done then in 2003 didn't show the need for stop signs, and he doesn't believe there is a need today. Chapman affirmed Bennett concurred with Marlowe, and Marlowe agreed.

Residents who spoke out against the additions said there have been no problems thus far, while stop sign proponents said they would like to see it stay that way with the implementation of two more signs. Thirty-year resident Jack Gray of Woodcroft Road fears that with more children in the area than there were four years ago, danger is imminent.

Speed bumps and seasonal signs were suggested as alternates but quickly dismissed due to issues such as liability.

After some deliberation, the board decided to meet with Bennett again for further suggestions and make a ruling at the next meeting. Meanwhile, Marlowe said he would put more enforcement on the roads.

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