DeWitt: Moratorium would halt development in Jamesville

The board unanimously approved the introduction of the local law referred to as "Local Law Imposing a Six-Month Moratorium on Development in Areas Designated "Industry: Land Use Transition." A public hearing has been set at 7:45 p.m. Monday Aug. 13 at the DeWitt Town Hall.

Residents and town work together

During public comment, Jamesville residents spoke out against a county project that would widen roads and implement sidewalks and parking lanes along North Street and Route 173, augmenting the business district within the hamlet. Safety, speed and space were the primary factors among concern.

"We're trying to be as good neighbors as we possibly can; losing frontage, losing trees," said Dave Thompson, Jamesville resident. "By the time you put the parking lane and the sidewalk on North Street, we're talking about a two- to three-lane highway."

After some deliberation, DiStefano urged residents to meet the following day with Onondaga County to find an effective resolution, to which Thompson and others agreed.

A meeting between Thompson, county and town officials took place on July 10, whereby a resolution was met. The county agreed to terminate its plans to build a parking lane alongside North Street, DiStefano said.

"They will have sidewalks, a two-foot green area, curbing and road," he said. The two-foot green area is required to maintain mailboxes for mail delivery; the postal service will not deliver door to door.

Bradford Parkway gutter replacement

The board approved a $100,000 transfer of permanent improvement funds to replace the linear feet of failing concrete gutters located in the Bradford Parkway area. Highway Superintendent Brian Maxwell made the request.

Funds from the permanent improvement line are set aside for work on projects like Park Hill -- a project that involves reconfiguring the entire road, one block at a time, by installing new drainage, curbing and sidewalks. However, that project, which began in 2005, has been delayed until spring 2008. Maxwell said replacing gutters is expensive, and since there is no work being done this year on Park Hill, and because Bradford Parkway does not have a line item in the budget this year, it would be wise to take immediate action with the deteriorating gutters. Town Councilor Ken Andrews agreed.

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