B'ville: Mainstay forced to move

Over the years, Baldwinsville has seen many new businesses pop up all around town.

While most of these businesses are quite new, there are still those businesses that have been in our community for what seems like forever. The Tri-County Theater is one of the longer running businesses that Baldwinsville has seen. Though it has had it's share of downtime, it still stands tall and proud, providing reasonably priced movies to the people of Baldwinsville and surrounding areas.

As this family-owned business continues to operate, there are others who see to have it razed. The owners of the Anderson Barney Real Estate Management group have purchased the Tri-County Mall and intend to have it leveled to make way for "The Shoppes at Baldwinsville" in an attempt to rejuvenate a practically abandoned Tri-County Mall. The developers don't want to see the theater go, but as their plans stand currently, there is no other option but for the theater to relocate.

When a business relocates, it isn't necessarily a bad thing. The owners may decide to get some new furniture, better equipment, etc., but this is where the problem lies. The cost of rebuilding a theater is not cheap, and it is not a price the theater's owners can pay out of pocket, especially when theater tickets cost $3 apiece.

According to Larry Goldberg, co-owner of the theater, the Tri-County Theater is not about profit.

"This is not a profit issue, this is about keeping a tradition going in Baldwinsville," Goldberg said. "There are so many people in town that love the theater, we can't just let that go."

The residents of Baldwinsville have not let their voiced go unheard either. The town council received more than 50 e-mails regarding the destruction of the theater. Furthermore, there have been people showing up in person to voice their opinions at the council meetings, some have been residents for more than 50 years.

So what's going to happen to the theater?

"We're going to relocate somewhere in Baldwinsville," Goldberg said.

As to when though, the Goldbergs are not completely sure. Numerous fund raising strategies are planned in order to raise money to move the theater including a raffle in which all proceeds go towards the New Location Fund.

For more information on the New Location Fund or to make a donation, call the theater at 638-0796.

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