Caz - Got water?

Where's the water?

Accident, that 'could've happened to anyone,' interrupts water service

By Willie Kiernan

The Wellington Water District in the town of Cazenovia lost power to the pump last Tuesday, shutting off all water service in the development for a few hours and then again for a few hours on Wednesday morning. Though it was extremely hot and humid, Geoff Snyder, from the Madison County Environmental Health Department, said he did not receive any phone calls or complaints.

"The water district has been in need of an upgrade for years," Snyder said.

The recently appointed Cazenovia Town Highway Superintendent Tim Hunt has taken the initiative to move along the process. In preparing the area for upcoming work, pending on health department approval for the site plan, one of the town workers accidentally severed an underground power line conduit while digging a hole in the area with a back-hoe. This caused the pump to stop working and the water outage for the Wellington development.

"We were doing some improvements," Hunt said. "Due to incorrect drawings, we hit a power line that wasn't supposed to be there and it interrupted water service."

People were without water for almost four hours early Tuesday evening and then again from 5 a.m. to about noon the next day. Notices were handed out Wednesday morning.

"We lost it during the latter part of the day, then fixed it, then it shorted out again during the night," said Hunt.

In the Nov. 15, 2006 issue of The Cazenovia Republican, Ed Roickle, who was the previous operator of the Wellington Water District, as well as two others in the town of Cazenovia, complained in a letter to the editor that his services were terminated without cause. He also said it would be problematic to leave the water system operating to apprentices without licenses.

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